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Learn how the concepts of Boundaries, Accountability, and Grace can be applied to every aspect of your life, from your closest relationships to your interaction with your community and the world. 

Content Empowered Learning is dedicated to healing divisions and empowering learners to trust their own insights, inspirations, and discernment. 

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How Trauma Affects the Brain

In this 6-module course, we will discuss:

  • Redefining Love basics
  • The six types of trauma
  • How we get trapped in toxic circumstances
  • Naming, blaming, and the uncluttered subconscious
  • Understanding emotions
  • 14 Modalities to reset your brain after trauma

Before we can release the hold that painful past experiences has on our brains, we must understand how our brain works, and why it holds onto trauma in the first place. Our brains are amazing! It might not feel like it when you feel stuck, but the truth is, holding onto trauma is our brain’s way of protecting us from ever going through a similar experience again. Once we understand the why of our brain’s response to trauma, we can then begin understanding how to release the hold our past has over our present, so we can heal and move on. 

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The Six Types of Trauma

How We Get Trapped in Toxic Circumstances

Naming, Blaming, and the Uncluttered Subconscious

Understanding Emotions

14 Modalities to Reset Your Brain After Trauma

Full Course: How Trauma Affects the Brain

Reviews of How Trauma Affects the Brain

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Meet The Founder

Content Empowered

Redefining Love

Sara Beth Wald is a former social worker and journalist, blogger, author, and founder of Content Empowered and Redefining Love. Sara has a BA in social work from the University of Montana and a master’s degree in journalism from Michigan State University. 

As a former social worker and trauma survivor, Sara is passionate about holding space for trauma survivors and walking through their stories to the healing that is possible on the other side. As a media scholar, Sara studies how the modern news media impacts our mental health. 

Content Empowered Learning grew organically out of Sara’s own need to make sense of a chaotic and sometimes unsettling reality. She theorizes that the same healing principles used to overcome trauma can be utilized to address all areas of human life and culture. 


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